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Overland Mountain Bike Association Youth Programs

Overland Mountain Bike Association has initiated a Youth Committee dedicated to supporting programs that encourage young people to get outdoors and experience the healthy, fun sport of mountain biking.  We plan to work with partners in the region to support existing programs and develop new ones and are looking to roll out our initial program(s) in the spring/summer of 2018.  Please check back for information about specific programs and opportunities for participation and sponsorship.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Volunteer Ride Leaders/Coaches Needed!
We are currently seeking qualified Ride Leaders/Coaches for our youth programs.  Because we will be working with kids, there are a few requirements that must be met, including some safety certifications and a background check.  These are similar to what is required to be a mountain bike patroller (hint: you are a good candidate if you are already a DPMBP certified patroller) If you are interested in helping with these programs, please download and review the documents below and contact us at

Youth Program Outline:

Teaching Mountain Biking to Young Students

Youth Program Coaching Requirements

Why a Youth Program?
Besides being a great way to get exercise, get outdoors, and have a great time while experiencing the beauty of our environment, Overland Mountain Bike Association’s (OMBA) Youth Program will introduce young riders to mountain biking, build confidence through skills training, and reinforce positive trail ethics. The program is designed for kids and youth with a range of skills – from no riding experience at all, to those who would like to improve their skills in a fun, supportive environment. All activities will be overseen by trained coaches who meet OMBA’s high standards for youth program leadership and safety.

Skills training | Our skills-building program starts with the basics, gradually progressing to more intermediate skills over time. The focus of the program is to build trail-riding confidence, develop an understanding of how to ride safely, and of course to have fun. Examples of skills taught are proper bike set-up, riding positions, braking, turning, balance, and practice with various types of trail features and obstacles.

Basic Maintenance | An understanding of basic maintenance is key to riding safely (and enjoying the ride!). OMBA volunteers will provide instruction on basic mountain bike maintenance skills, including flat fixes and tube/tire replacements, chain repairs, seat adjustments, and other common adjustments or repairs.

Group Rides | OMBA has built a reputation for organizing and leading rides along the Front Range. Our youth rides will focus on implementing and developing skills on the trail, building comradery, and having fun on a bike. Group rides will be age and skill appropriate, supported by trained coaches along with any parents willing to participate.

Trail Etiquette | OMBA believes good trail etiquette is of paramount importance. We love our shared-use trails and strive to minimize user conflicts as much as possible. We’ll ensure that all participants are aware of the basics of trail etiquette and how to help build mutual respect among trail users.

Trail Ethics and Stewardship | At the core of OMBA’s mission is our commitment to building and sustaining some of the amazing trail systems that we’re so fortunate to have along the northern Front Range. Part of the youth program will focus on how club members further this mission, and build awareness of some of the ongoing efforts shepherded by OMBA.