Prairie Ridge Natural Area Trail Project

Trail Advocacy – Prairie Ridge Natural Area Trail Project

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Agency/Trail System:  City of Loveland – Prairie Ridge Natural Area

Status:  PROPOSED – pending approval

Timeline:  2019 to begin construction – early 2020 for full completion (estimated)

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  2 – 2 ½ total miles as mapped

Targeted Ability Level:  ADA-accessible in BLUE, Beginner-Intermediate in RED; multi-use

Project Description:  Prairie Ridge Natural Area is part of a 3,500-acre community separator between Loveland and Fort Collins.  The property is located northwest of N. Wilson Ave & 57th Street in Loveland, immediately south of the City of Fort Collins Coyote Ridge Natural Area.  Prairie Ridge is currently undeveloped and does not allow public access.  This will soon change with the proposed trail system.  The property will feature a new parking and trailhead area, a 0.8-mile ADA-accessible trail going west from the new trailhead, and a 1.5-mile natural-surface multi-use trail going north-south along the hogback.

Future plans include potential connections to the existing Coyote Ridge Trail to the north.  Long-term, the plan is to ultimately connect to the City of Loveland’s paved recreational trail system to the south.  This would provide new loop-options suitable for all levels of trail users.

With full implementation of all proposed trails as shown, residents and visitors of both Loveland and Fort Collins will have not just additional trail opportunities to choose from, but will see MUCH IMPROVED access and connectivity to existing trails as well.  The opportunities for multiple new loop/route options will be a major step in dispersing trail users, minimizing user conflicts and reducing strain on existing parking/trailhead areas.  The remaining property at Prairie Ridge will continue as a working dryland wheat farm.

For more information and to see the City of Loveland’s official Prairie Ridge Concept Map, please visit