Trail Vision Plan

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Overland Mountain Bike Association helps advocate for and secure favorable policies, facilities, and investments in public trails as well as youth mountain biking and other group activities. 

Here are some upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard for mountain biking and trails in 2022:

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OMBA Vision Plan for Trails

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Northern Front Range Regional Map:

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Soapstone Prairie, Red Mountain Open Space and
Belvoir Ranch Open Space:

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Fort Collins – Loveland Area:

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2013 Trail Vision Plan

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About the Plan: In 2013, the Overland Mountain Bike Club (Overland) was a rapidly growing organization dedicated to improving the conditions for mountain biking across the Northern Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming. Working to improve trails over this broad geographic area was and is one of Overland’s highest priorities. The club maintains a very active Trails Committee that annually facilitates a volunteer trailbuilding event with each of Overland’s partner land managing agencies and supports training opportunities for the broader trail community.

With so many opportunities for trail improvement projects, setting Overland’s priorities had become more challenging. The Committee had determined that a plan, reviewed and approved by the Board and informed by opinions from partner agencies and the public, is the best organizational tool for maintaining clear focus on attaining the Club’s goals relative to trails. Over the Fall and Winter of 2012/2013, the Committee and a facilitator worked together, with partner agencies, and the public to determine the organization’s opportunities and constraints related to trails in the region, develop priorities to guide Overland Trail Committee relationships, and set a 10-year vision for mountain biking trails in the Northern Front Range.

    • The goals expressed in this Overland Trail Vision Plan, include:
    • Regional trail development and enhancement,
    • Improvements in trail connectivity across agency boundaries,
    • Increased training and involvement in trail projects, and
    • More effective partnerships.

This Vision Plan became the foundation for achieving Overland’s long-term trails goals, but was flexible enough to respond to new opportunities and agency/organizational timing relative to planned projects.

Analyzing the Vision Plan internally and with partners revealed numerous synergies and new opportunities. These have been catalogued in the Trail Vision Plan as an initial list of partnership opportunities that is quite large and diverse. These numerous opportunities to develop new trail systems, reduce natural resource impacts, and connect multiple conserved properties through trails will require Overland to optimize organizational resources to meet its objectives. From trail planning and design through fundraising and ultimately implementation, Overland is committed to playing a leading role in the development of a large, interconnected regional trail plan that provides diverse, high quality trails in a variety of settings that serve the area’s population and visitors with meaningful, sustainable outdoor enjoyment.

Download the Trail Vision Plan PDF (10.1MB)