Trail Agent Program

Are you the person who notices trail improvement needs while riding?  Like riding more remote backcountry trails?  Would you like to be able to make those trail fixes as you’re out riding on your own schedule?  Well…sounds like OMBA’s Trail Agent program could be for you! 


What Do Trail Agents Do

Trained & qualified Trail Agents are able to conduct basic trail maintenance on approved US Forest Service trails while out riding mountain bikes at their own schedule & convenience.  Trail Agents carry a set of packable trail tools (provided by OMBA upon completion of all training requirements) when out for rides.  As trail issues are encountered that are within our scope of work, they stop and work on them.  This includes addressing major safety issues, clearing trail corridors, fixing or improving drainage & erosion issues, and sometimes building small reroutes to bypass problem areas.  We publish many before & after photos from Trail Agent work so the community can see the improvements being made.  There are over 110 miles of singletrack trails open to mountain bikes that are included in our work area, with many of these seeing very little MTB use.  Our hope is that by improving the overall quality of the trail and publicizing the work, more riders will venture out to these areas and help reduce congestion on our more popular trail networks. 

How to Get Involved

How to Get Involved
Trail Agents must complete a few training steps before being able to conduct Trail Agent trail work on their own. These steps include:

  • Complete the Trail Agent Trainee Survey – we request your responses to help us understand your interests, experience and field training needs.
  • Be a current OMBA member (membership includes volunteer insurance coverage and other perks!) –
  • Read the OSI Guide to Independent Stewardship for Trails (approximately 60-90 minutes.)
  • Complete Basic First Aid/CPR training (approximately 8 hours) – contact us if you need this training. We provide this training free of charge to those that are not already FA/CPR trained.
  • Sign our USFS volunteer waiver.
  • Please contact when you are at this point in your training steps. We will get you a copy of the USFS waiver and get you scheduled for a Trail Agent field check ride.
  • Complete at least 1 Trail Agent field check ride (approximately 4 hours each) and file an accomplishments report – number of check rides needed is based on your experience and comfort level. We do require on-the-trail experience with trail tools before doing independent trail agent rides.

Congratulations! You’re ready to roll as an OMBA Trail Agent. We will check out portable tools to you for trail work use, help coordinate trail work priorities, scheduling rides with other Trail Agents and reporting assistance.

Since your volunteer time towards basic trail maintenance will be authorized by public land managers, to the benefit of the trail using public, an understanding of key relationships is required. Land Managers (USFS) and Volunteer Organizations (OMBA) each operate with a combination of insurance requirements and slim budgets that could be threatened by the risky actions of individuals. This training program aims to educate on the potential risks inherent in performing basic trail maintenance, so that they can be mitigated as much as possible. Understanding the protocols expected of independent Trail Agents is key to the program’s overall success. OMBA has coordinated the program’s approval with individual land managers and will report volunteer accomplishments on a monthly or seasonal basis. Trail Agents conduct themselves appropriately while on the trail, and report on their accomplishments on a timely basis.

In general, Trail Agents are expected to utilize risk assessment and mindfulness best practices to undertake only basic trail maintenance actions that are (1) safe to accomplish, (2) safe for passing trail users, and (3) safe for future trail users.
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Program Sponsors

This program could not happen at our current level without the help of the following sponsors:

Additional sponsors are still needed to continue this program long-term.  Please contact us for more information.