Trail Advocacy

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Overland Mountain Bike Association helps advocate for and secure favorable policies, facilities, and investments in public trails that improve and expand regional mountain biking opportunities. 

Here are upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard for mountain biking and trails in 2021:

  1. Larimer County Seeking Public Input on Future of Horsetooth Mountain Open Space:

    Larimer County has an interactive map where you can see, like/dislike, and comment on all proposed actions.  There is also an online survey.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS BOTH.  Both the interactive map and survey are open to public input until Friday, November 12th.  THIS IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLIC INPUT ON THIS PLAN!  You can see OMBA’s comments on each proposed action here.  Our chart is a good reference to use while completing the county’s survey.  Overall, (with the exception of the dawn to dusk access proposal) we are pleased with the proposed concepts when evaluated as an entire trail system, with 3 specific things to note:

    1. The overall ride-ability and potential for multiple new loop combinations will be a significant benefit for most riders…these changes will feel like new miles for many riders.
    2. Access to the mid-mountain area will be significantly increased for a wider range of riders while preserving existing challenging options.
    3. We strongly encourage the implementation of A & B line options (alt lines) to maintain the amount of challenging options for advanced riders throughout the entire trail system.

OMBA’s Vision Plan for Trails

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Northern Front Range Regional Map:

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Soapstone Prairie, Red Mountain Open Space and
Belvoir Ranch Open Space:

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Fort Collins – Loveland Area:

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OMBA’s Trail Vision Plan

Click image to download the plan PDF.

This Vision Plan became the foundation for achieving OMBA’s long-term trails goals, but is flexible enough to respond to new opportunities and agency/organizational timing relative to planned projects.

Analyzing the Vision Plan internally and with partners revealed numerous synergies and new opportunities. These have been catalogued in the Trail Vision Plan as an initial list of partnership opportunities that is quite large and diverse. These numerous opportunities to develop new trail systems, reduce natural resource impacts, and connect multiple conserved properties through trails will require OMBA to optimize organizational resources to meet its objectives. From trail planning and design through fundraising and ultimately implementation, OMBA is committed to playing a leading role in the development of a large, interconnected regional trail plan that provides diverse, high quality trails in a variety of settings that serve the area’s population and visitors with meaningful, sustainable outdoor enjoyment.

Download the Trail Vision Plan PDF (10.1MB)

Current Trail Projects:

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Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

Agency/Trail System:  Larimer County

Status:  PROPOSED – Pending

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  TBD

Targeted Ability Level:  Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

****UPDATE****:  See OMBA’s comments on the proposed actions from Larimer County here!!! 

See & comment on Larimer County’s proposed actions here

Project Description:  Larimer County is updating the management plan for Horsetooth Mountain Open Space in 2021 and will be considering changes to the current trail system.  OMBA is one of multiple stakeholders involved in this process.  We’ve submitted several proposal ideas to help improve the experience for mountain bikers and other trail users.  Proposal ideas range from detailed suggestions on specific trails to cenceptual corridors and policies.  Larimer County anticipates the planning process to be completed in the Fall of 2021.  There will be several opportunities for public input which we will share as soon as able.  The timeline for any changes approved during the planning process are TBD.

OMBA’s HTMOS Town Hall Meeting:  View the recorded meeting here

Quarry Ridge (aka Jay’s Trail)

Agency/Trail System:  Lory State Park

Status:  PHASE 1 – COMPLETE, alternate lines to continue being developed; PHASE 2 – APPROVED 2021; PHASE 3 & 4 – PENDING 2022-2023

Mileage:  Phase 1 – 1.2; Phase 2 – 0.8; Phase 3 – 0.6; Phase 4 – 0.6

Targeted Ability Level:  Intermediate to Advanced, MTB-optimized

Project Description:  The Quarry Ridge area will feature multiple 0.5-1.0 mile trail segments linked together for multiple routing options.  All will be optimized for mountain bikes with numerous alt line options being built in the future.  All trails take advantage of natural rock features, rolling terrain, and spectacular ridgeline views of Horsetooth Reservoir, the Lory valley, Arthur’s Rock, and the plains to the east.  This will be a superb addition to the Lory State Park trail system.  Special thanks go out to Kari Holden and her family for helping make this happen!

Roaring Creek Trail

Agency/Trail System:  US Forest Service – Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Status:  IN PROGRESS – 2022 Target

Mileage:  5.1

Targeted Ability Level:  Advanced

Project Description:  The existing Roaring Creek Trail suffered major impacts from the Cameron Peak Fire in 2020.  This trail has seen little use historically from mountain bikes due to the very steep & rocky nature of the first 1.5 miles.  We plan to change that with multiple new rerouted sections.  The impacts from the fire are allowing us to create a much better trail suited for mountain bikes and modern-day multi-use.  Work will be completed with a mix of volunteers, youth corps groups and a contracted professional builder.

Elkhorn Trail

Agency/Trail System:  US Forest Service – Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Status:  IN PROGRESS – 2022 Target

Mileage:  3.6

Targeted Ability Level:  Intermediate, multi-use

Project Description:  The Elkhorn Trail will be a new trail connecting the existing Elkhorn Creek Trailhead to the existing Granite Ridge Trail near the Molly Lake Trailhead.  While this area is closed to bicycles from December 1-June 30, this is likely to be revisited soon.  The new trail completes a missing gap to provide a new loop option for the area.  With numerous large rock features, the potential for future optional riding features is also very high.  This project is being led by Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.

On the Rocks Trail

Agency/Trail System:  Fort Collins Natural Areas – Bobcat Ridge Natural Area


Mileage:  1.0

Targeted Ability Level:  Expert

Project Description:  On the Rocks will give visitors stunning views, unique experiences, and create a 1- to 1.5-mile loop on the west side of Bobcat Ridge. This advanced- and expert-level trail will take users over, through and around large unique rock surfaces and formations, creating a truly one-of-a-kind trail segment in Colorado’s Northern Front Range region. The area currently has approximately 12.5 miles of natural surface, multi-use trails open to mountain bikes. When complete, On the Rocks will have been rider-planned, rider-designed and rider-built.

Young Gulch Trail Project

Agency/Trail System:  US Forest Service – Roosevelt National forest, Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Status:  Trail is Open – Additional work still needed

Mileage:  5.1

Targeted Ability Level:  Intermediate, multi-use

Project Description:  Young Gulch Trail is a longtime Fort Collins favorite.  This popular trail was damaged during the High Park Fire of 2013.  It was repaired and re-opened for about 10 days before suffering major damage in the historic September 2013 flood event.  Through cooperation between multiple organizations and the local Canyon Lakes Ranger District, a plan was generated to completely redesign and rebuild the entire trail to greatly increase sustainability and the overall user experience.  The new design incorporates many newer trail design features such as rolling grade dips instead of traditional rock water bars, grade reversals, and in-sloped turns.  New bridges and water crossings will be installed in several areas.  The new design pulls the trail up higher out of the gulch in many areas to greatly minimize damage from future flooding events.  This creates a much-improved user experience as well, taking users to new trail and views and experiences not present with the prior trail routing.

View our Young Gulch Trail Project and test ride videos.

Hermit Park Open Space – Limber Pine & Moose Meadow Trail Project

Agency/Trail System: Larimer County Open Lands


Mileage: 9

Targeted Ability Level: Intermediate, multi-use

Project Description: This is a new trail system in Hermit Park Open Space near the popular tourist town of Estes Park. A total of 7 miles of new trail is to be constructed, generally paralleling the main access road through the property. It will include several connecting spur trails to existing campgrounds. It also connects directly into Homestead Meadows trail system on US Forest Service land, allowing additional connections to Lion Gulch, Pierson Park and beyond. This new trail system takes users on a delightful journey through varying landscapes featuring aspen groves, dense pine forests, unique rock formations and small open meadows. The exceptionally designed and built trail has many contour features, alternate features for more advanced users, and varying tread surface types.

South Bay to Inlet Bay Trail Project

Agency/Trail System: Larimer County & Fort Collins Natural Areas


Timeline: UNKNOWN – Last update from Larimer County is for construction to begin 2023-2025.

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  1 ½ – 3 miles

Targeted Ability Level:  Intermediate, foot and bike only

Project Description:  This trail would provide a much-needed trail connection from Fort Collins to Horsetooth Reservoir and Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.  The approved segment will provide a natural-surface trail connection from South Bay to Inlet Bay at Horsetooth Reservoir as well as a scenic shoreline loop around and over the peninsula.  This trail would provide outstanding views of the Horsetooth Mountain area as well as the reservoir.  The terrain would include unique rock formations, forested canopy, open grassland meadows and steep hillsides.

The proposed segment connecting Pineridge to South Bay would be an incredibly scenic shoreline trail between CR 38E and the reservoir, featuring a 300’ section of boardwalk bridge traversing a steep slope down to the lake’s edge.  Incredibly unique rock formations would be encountered along this route.

Cathy Fromme to Coyote Ridge Trail

Agency/Trail System:  Fort Collins Natural Areas & Larimer County Solid Waste

Status:  Proposed in 2017 – awaiting decision from Fort Collins Natural Areas

Timeline:  TBD

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  3 ½

Targeted Ability Level:  Beginner, multi-use

Project Description:  This trail would provide a much-needed connection from the existing Fort Collins paved recreation trail system to the extensive natural-surface foothills trail system.  It would allow direct trail access to Coyote Ridge Natural Area, Rim Rock Trail, Blue Sky Trail, Indian Summer Trail, Devil’s Backbone Open Space, Horsetooth Mountain Open Space and Lory State Park.  The trail as proposed would intersect with the Fossil Creek Trail on the west side of Cathy Fromme Natural Area, travel south along this property’s western boundary, circle to the west of the Larimer County Landfill, terminating where it intersects with Coyote Ridge Trail.

Lory State Park Corral Center Bike Park

Agency/Trail System:  Lory State Park

Status:  PHASE 1 – COMPLETE; PHASE 2 – 2021, currently in fundraising stage

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  70,000 sq ft – same as existing park footprint

Targeted Ability Level:  all skill levels

Project Description:  The bike skills park at Lory State Park has been around for many years.  Recent years have seen significant degrading of existing features.  A concept plan has been created for a complete redesign and rebuild of park features.  The new concept design includes progressive jump and flow lines, a much-improved and enlarged skills area, new pump track, Tot Trak & Tot Skillz area and a new community gathering space.

The new pump track, XS, S & M jump lines are complete.  The L jump line will be part of Phase 2 and will include pre-fabricated ramps and a large wall ride. 

This project is a major addition to the mountain biking opportunities in Lory State Park.  Allowing users to develop their skills on features of varying size and difficulty will ensure functionality remains high for many years.  A separate project has also been completed to renovate the Soldier Canyon Pavilion.  These two facilities will combine to provide an outstanding venue for public events and recreational opportunities.

Town of Berthoud Bike Park

Agency/Trail System:  Town of Berthoud

Status:  APPROVED – 2022

Estimated Size as Proposed:  20 Acres

Targeted Ability Level:  all skill levels

Project Description:  The Town of Berthoud Bike Park is still in the concept phase with the design/build process scheduled to begin in 2022.  Exact features and layout is still to be determined.

Youth Programs:

Overland Mountain Bike Club has initiated a Youth Committee dedicated to supporting programs that encourage young people to get outdoors and experience the healthy, fun sport of mountain biking.  We plan to work with partners in the region to support existing programs and develop new ones and are looking to roll out our initial program(s) in the spring of 2018.  Please see the Youth Programs page for additional information.

Other Advocacy:

Other Advocacy Projects Coming Soon!