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Member Spotlight on Bella Oleksy


What was the reason you decided to volunteer for a Dig Day at Reservoir Ridge? I ride, run, or hike Res Ridge/Michaud every week! I very much have a love/hate relationship with this trail– if I’m having a good day it makes me feel like the best rider in the world. If I’m having a bad day, this trail is incredibly humbling. When I saw that OMBA was having a series of Dig Days, I knew I wanted to give back to this trail and our community. 

How did volunteering make you feel? Immediately the next morning after working on the trail, I came out to ride the trail. It was so rewarding to admire our handiwork and know I helped play a small role in improving the trail for drainage, flow, and erosion control.

What’s your favorite trail to ride and why? Generally, I like really technical trails, but one of my favorite loops in the area is a ~25-mile loop through Soapstone and Red Mountain open space, north of town. It’s so wild being out on the prairie without cell coverage, with the view of the Rockies to the west. I almost always manage to have some surreal wildlife encounters out there. The landscape makes me day dream about what the whole Front Range looked like before industrialization. 



Lory State Park

“Quarry North” (Arthurs Parking Lot)

  1. East Valley To Shoreline 
  2. Head North when you hit Quarry Ridge 

“Timber Kimmons” (Timber Parking Lot)

  1. Up  Timber
  2. Down Kimmons