Does your employer have a charitable giving program? Does your employer have a Matching Gifts Program? Did you know OMBC is a federally-registered 501c3 non-profit charitable organization? Did you know OMBC is happy to accept donations of various forms from club members, the general public, local businesses and large corporations?

Many club members also give a very significant amount of their time. In 2015 OMBC club members gave approximately 5000 hours of volunteer time. This includes patrol rides, trail days, outreach events, patrol and trail trainings, committee meetings, event planning meetings, land agency discussions, etc. The current “value” for volunteer hours is $23.07/hour. So, Overland Mountain Bike Club members donated approximately $115,350 in volunteer time in 2015. Very impressive!!!

Some employers also have a volunteer grants program, in which the employer donates a certain amount of funds to the charitable organization based on the number of volunteer hours completed by the employee. Many companies make in-kind donations as well, providing much-needed goods or services at no-cost. These types of programs could be very beneficial to OMBC.

How can you help? If you like what Overland is doing, then please consider joining or renewing your membership in 2016. If you are able, please consider an additional donation to help us continue funding all of these programs as well. It will be VERY MUCH appreciated! And if you do donate, please inquire with your employer about their Employee Matching Gifts Program. This is typically a very simple process that is often overlooked. Many employers will match employee charitable contributions at a 1:1 amount, with some even going as high as 4:1. Also consider asking about a volunteer grants program or any other Corporate Giving program they operate. These funds will add up and help us complete more trail and community projects going forward, making our region a much better place to ride our mountain bikes!

The total estimate for Overland’s annual giving is approximately $150,000. Again, THANK YOU to all OMBC members…very impressive!!!

Please see the Overland website for the full article regarding this info…

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