Board Candidate Statements

Below, you will find the statements from those interested in running for the upcoming open positions on the Overland Mountain Bike Association Board of Directors.  There are two board positions that will be filled per this election. Board members serve two-year terms.  The members running for those two positions are Hannah Wittmeyer and Deb Eberling.  Continuing board members serving until October 31, 2021 are Robbie Jackson, Aaron Buckley and Jon Guerdrum.  Per the OMBA By-laws, additional board members will be appointed by the board following the election.  The election will from Noon on October 9, 2020 through Noon on October 30, 2020.  During that time period, you can vote here:  Please vote only the number of times that matches your membership (once for individual members and once for each family member for a family membership.

Candidate 1: Hannah Wittmeyer


I would like to submit my candidacy to continue serving on the Board of Directors for OMBA. Having served on the board for one term (two years), I now understand much more about the landscape and scope of OMBA’s work and believe I can continue driving impact with the my experience and knowledge of OMBA’s vast activities, including its advocacy work. I bring critical grant-writing, community engagement/networking, and related knowledge of the Northern Colorado funding and non-profit communities. I’ve helped with events, communications, web updates, and also served as the Secretary of the Board. In my role on the Grants, Management, and Strategy team at the Bohemian Foundation, I manage two grant programs that serve non-profits working in Larimer and Weld counties and help connect non-profits, businesses, and musicians/artists to the resources they need to thrive and to drive greater equity in the music ecosystem. While the work of my team focuses on building community through music, the insights and connections are highly applicable to OMBA. Much of it involves diligent research, evaluation, and financial analysis as well as making connections between different groups and individuals who’s work is aligned. I also help manage a portfolio of board-directed grants and strive to understand the needs of our  partners by developing feedback and communication mechanisms and driving strategic learning for our Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs. My colleagues and I frequently work with the Downtown Business Association, CSU, and the City of Fort Collins to coordinate our efforts. I hope to continue to bring the strengths of my career as well as my optimism to the OMBA board, especially given the vitality that biking (both mountain biking and bike culture at large) brings to the culture and livelihoods of our community.

I’m increasingly passionate about preserving and increasing access to public lands and trails. I believe in cultivating stewardship and respect for the trails and also believe in advocating to our elected leaders that they adequately represent the interests and demands of OMBA and all trail users. I would be thrilled if you would vote for me to continue serving the mountain bike community in Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming.

Thank you for your consideration,

Hannah Wittmeyer

Candidate 2: Deb Eberling

My name is Deb Eberling and I have been an Overland member since 2010.  I have witnessed both the good and the not so good.  I am applying to be on the board of Overland to bring my thoughts on how we as a board can bring back the fun in Overland as well as advocate for new trails.  I am currently on the Patrol Committee and over the years have seen the decline of both participation as well as drive to help out with our land management agencies. I would like to see if we, as a board, can find a way to increase this as in the end it helps us stand out to the agencies we are currently advocating for.

My background, besides being an Overland member for years and the love of drinking some great beer?  I am a small business owner of a company I started in 2003 that has grown substantially over the last 17 years.  I am the jack of all trades in my business from being sales, accounting, payroll, IT consultant, crisis management and best boss.  This has required me to adapt and persevere through many crises.  As for my mountain biking background, I started riding in 2008 and loved it from the start!   I love the challenges that mountain biking gives as well as the serenity of the outdoors.  But most of all, I love the people I have met through this great sport and the many experiences we have shared.

I appreciate your consideration in adding me to the board.  I hope my attributes are a great benefit to the board as well as Overland as a group.


Deb Eberling