About Us

Overland Mountain Bike Association is the premier mountain biking organization in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming region. We are also a federally-registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We advocate for more and better trails, build trails, maintain trails, teach people how to ride, and patrol trails assisting all user groups. But we also like to get out and ride. Join us for a ride sometime.

Our Mission

Promote the active, healthy sport of mountain biking by providing education and assistance to all trail users, and by working to build and maintain quality, sustainable trails that enhance the mountain biking experience.

Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol

Patrol Director: Pete Skram (overland.dpmbp@gmail.com)

Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol (DPMBP) is a service of Overland Mountain Bike Association. DPMBP patrols trails within the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest, Lory State Park, Larimer County Parks and Open Lands, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas and Wyoming State Parks.

Overland Trails Committee

Trails Committee Chairperson: Mick Syzek  (trails@overlandmtb.org)

The Overland Trails Committee is a driving force within the Overland Mountain Bike Association.  Committee members promote new trail development and schedule maintenance workdays on trails we all ride on in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming.  They liaison with the same land agencies that we patrol (Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest, Lory State Park, Larimer County Parks and Open Space, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas, and Wyoming State Parks). 

Land Agency Liaisons Needed: The Overland Trails Committee still needs several new Land Agency Liaisons. We will be working on lots of great projects this season with the five land agencies we partner with and the Land Agency Liaisons are critical to organizing these efforts.  If you would like to be the point of contact between Overland and one of these agencies, please contact out Trails Committee Chairperson, Mick Syzek, at trails@overlandmtb.org. For more details regarding the expectations and responsibilities of our Liaisons, please click here to download the Overland Trails Committee Liaisons information sheet.

Board of Directors

Members of Overland Mountain Bike Association elect a board of directors each year. Officers are elected by the Directors once a new board is in place.  Elections are held annually in the Fall. Current members of the board are:

President: Jon Guerdrum (president@overlandmtb.org)

Vice President: Hannah Wittmeyer (vicepresident@overlandmtb.org)


Born and raised in Fort Collins, Hannah grew up spending most weekends with her parents, brothers, and friends in the mountains west of town. These experiences cultivated a deep passion and reverence for public lands and wild spaces. They also helped her understand the urgency and vitality of organizing to protect and expand access to trails for all. She currently works for Bohemian Foundation, picks banjo and sings for the band MoonMoon, has a background in international relations and political economy, and is an avid trailrunner. She gets out on her single speed occasionally after a few years of throwing down as an adventure racer.


Treasurer: Deb Eberling (treasurer@overlandmtb.org)

Secretary: Derek Young (secretary@overlandmtb.org)

Director at Large: Liz Graffeo


Liz Graffeo got involved with OMBA in Spring 2021 working on the new Quarry Ridge Trail in Lory State Park. She is from Virginia Beach, so spent her early years mostly riding beach cruisers – and now her favorite type of riding is techy downhill. As a board member, Liz loves trailbuilding and contributing to OMBA’s advocacy and events, and her OMBA goal is to help build a stronger bike community in Fort Collins.



Director at Large: Travis Webb

Director at Large: Kyle Leto

Executive Director (non-Board position):  Kenny Bearden

Kenny has been a member of Overland since 2010. He served on the Board of Directors from 2013-2015, held the position of Director – Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol from 2013-2015, and was a member of the Patrol Committee from 2011-2013. He took over as Overland’s Club Administrator at the end of October 2015, which is the first paid position ever offered by Overland. Kenny has a degree from Texas A&M University in Wildlife & Fisheries Management, and he has 15 years of experience in operations and management in the commercial finance field. Kenny has lived and played in Fort Collins and northern Colorado since 1999.