Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Overland Mountain Bike Club?

Anyone who is interested in promoting responsible mountain biking in the Northern Front Range of Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Certified patrollers must be 18 years old.

Why should I join Overland Mountain Bike Club?

By joining Overland Mountain Bike Club, you get to participate in fun rides, social events, volunteer trail days, outreach days, camping trips, and youth volunteer events. OMBC keeps you informed of mountain biking issues in the area and develops a positive relationship with area land managers. You’ll also meet new riding friends and find trails that you have never ridden. Most importantly, it is fun!

What is the difference between an Overland member and certified Diamond Peaks Patroller?

A member of Overland Mountain Bike Club is a person who has a desire to help with the mission of the club, but may not want to go through all of the training or commit to Patrolling. All members participate in our social rides, community service events, outreach days and trail work.

A certified patroller is a member of the club who is at least 18 years old who is CPR/First Aid Certified who can lead a patrol ride and assist other trail users with first aid and mechanical issues with bikes. The certified patroller is also eligible for bike shop discounts.

What is the ride commitment for Patrollers?

We ask that all patrollers do at least 4 Forest Service Rides per year and accumulate at least 25 patrol points.

Do I have to buy a jersey?

If you are a certified patroller, we request that you purchase a patrol jersey. This will help identify you on the trail as a person of knowledge and first aid training. Members don’t have to buy an Overland jersey, but they’re really cool and we give you a great deal.

I am a beginner mountain biker; can I still join Overland Mountain Bike Club?

You sure can! We ride on easy to expert trails, so just choose trails that are within your comfort level.