Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol

Joe & Tami 1Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol is a service of Overland Mountain Bike Association. Some might even call it the soul of our organization, since DPMBP is where it all started.

Why Become a Patroller?

You love mountain biking and you care about helping other mountain biking enthusiasts to enjoy the trails as much as you do. Certified Mountain Bike Patrollers work to assist others on the trails in medical and or mechanical emergencies. You will have the opportunity to educate trail users of proper etiquette using IMBA’s Rules of the Trail, maintain contact with local land agencies regarding trail conditions or incidents, and work side by side, ride by ride, with Outreach members on advocacy and trail work.

Questions or comments, please contact our Patrol Director, Pete Skram at: patrol@overlandmtb.org

When you become a Certified Mountain Bike Patroller, you’ll receive:TKMBD - Carrie

  • The opportunity to make sure trail-users are safe and have up-to-date info regarding trails
  • The opportunity to communicate with Land Agencies about trail conditions/concerns
  • The opportunity to meet once a month and talk about mountain biking
  • That warm tingly sensation of knowing that you belong to a community of people who work to keep mountain biking alive and well in our region
  • A great excuse to get out and ride and help others.

Requirements for Certified Patrol Members:

  • Be committed to being a good trail citizen and responsible rider (https://www.imba.com/ride/imba-rules-of-the-trail)
  • Have a serviceable bike and wear a helmet
  • Complete American Heart Association Certified First Aid and CPR Training
  • Complete “Good Host’ Training with the City of Fort Collins and the USFS
  • Pass a background check with the City of Fort Collins.
  • Complete Two Training Rides with another Certified Patroller
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age. (Families, however, may sign a waiver for their underage children to be out on patrol.)
  • Demonstrate basic bicycle mechanic skills. (Change a flat, fix a broken chain, etc. Stuff that will help someone get back to the trailhead if necessary)








Patrol Volunteer Agreement Forms:

1. USFS Patrol Volunteer Agreement (patroller needs to complete section on page 2)

2. USFS Hazardous Tree Protocol Certification

3. Larimer County Patrol Volunteer Agreement