Young Gulch Trail Project

Trail Advocacy – Young Gulch Trail

Agency/Trail System:  US Forest Service – Roosevelt National forest, Canyon Lakes Ranger District


Timeline:  Fall 2018 – Summer 2019 for full completion

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  4 ½ – 5

Targeted Ability Level:  Intermediate, multi-use

Project Description:  Young Gulch Trail is a longtime Fort Collins favorite.  This popular trail was damaged during the High Park Fire of 2013.  It was repaired and re-opened for about 10 days before suffering major damage in the historic September 2013 flood event.  Through cooperation between multiple organizations and the local Canyon Lakes Ranger District, a plan was generated to completely redesign and rebuild the entire trail to greatly increase sustainability and the overall user experience.  The new design incorporates many newer trail design features such as rolling grade dips instead of traditional rock water bars, grade reversals, and in-sloped turns.  New bridges and water crossings will be installed in several areas.  The new design pulls the trail up higher out of the gulch in many areas to greatly minimize damage from future flooding events.  This creates a much-improved user experience as well, taking users to new trail and views and experiences not present with the prior trail routing.

View Young Gulch project and test ride videos.