Lory State Park MTB Skills Park

Trail Advocacy – Lory State Park MTB Skills Park

Agency/Trail System:  Lory State Park

Status:  APPROVED – currently in fundraising stage

Timeline:  2018 to 2019 – depending on fundraising

Estimated Mileage as Proposed:  70,000 sq ft – same as existing park footprint

Targeted Ability Level:  all skill levels

Project Description:  The bike skills park at Lory State Park has been around for many years.  Recent years have seen significant degrading of existing features.  A concept plan has been created for a complete redesign and rebuild of park features.  The new concept design includes progressive jump and flow lines, a much-improved and enlarged skills area, new pump track, Tot Trak & Tot Skillz area and a new community gathering space.

The dirt-jump and flow-style area will cover approximately 17,000 sq ft on the eastern half of the property.  This area is to include 3-4 lines ranging from small to large features with integrated lines for user creativity and bail-outs.  This area will emphasize more of a “flow-style” experience rather than pure “dirt-jump” style.

The skills area will cover approximately 20,000 sq ft on the western half of the property.  The area will feature a series of intertwining lines of varying ability, ranging from beginner to expert to aid in skills progression.  Features will be designed to mimic the rigors of local riding.  Feature types will include rocks, boulders, balance, and turns for rhythm/flow.  A “drop zone” will act as a filter and identifier for the intended ability for each line, with larger drops more the more difficult lines.

 An approximately 3,500 sq ft medium-large pump track will be located on the northwest portion of the property.  Approximately 3,000 sq ft is dedicated for the Tot Lot/Kid Zone on the north-central portion of the property and near the facility entrance.

This project will be a major addition to the mountain biking opportunities in Lory State Park.  Allowing users to develop their skills on features of varying size and difficulty will ensure functionality remains high for many years.  A separate project is also being done to completely renovate the existing Soldier Canyon Group Picnic Area.  This is currently scheduled for completion in May 2018.  These two facilities will combine to provide an outstanding venue for public events and recreational opportunities.