Board Candidate Statements

Below, you will find the statements from those interested in running for the upcoming open positions on the Overland Mountain Bike Club Board of Directors.  There will be three open positions on the board, those currently held by Andy Tomaszewski, Katherine Edelblut and Thuan Nguyen.  The open positions will serve from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2019.  The election will close on October 23, 2017.

Candidate 1:  Robbie Jackson

 My name is Robbie Jackson, and I have lived in Fort Collins for 5 years; a transplant from Charlotte, NC. Not counting childhood riding, I’ve been riding since I rediscovered mountain biking in 2004. Since then it has been a passion of mine to learn as much as possible about bicycles, both the industry and how they work mechanically. I’m a “do it yourself” kind of person, learning how to build my own bikes part by part. Eventually I taught myself how to build wheels, rebuild forks and shocks, etc. There isn’t much on a bike that I can’t fix. Cycling is a big part of my life, both recreational and for utility. I choose to ride my bike on grocery runs, going out to dinner, etc., whenever I can. I try to mountain bike 3-4 times a week. I am married into the Diamond Peaks Mountain Bike Patrol (my wife Dale is a patroller) and I try and help out with Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day that she has been at the forefront of for the last few years. In an effort to expand my mountain biking world and give back to my community, I would love your vote for a board of directors position with the Overland Mountain Biking Club.

My focus areas, long term & short term:

Long Term: I think Overland should be leading the charge for new trails in the Fort Collins/Larimer County area. I would like to focus our efforts on a few key local areas that I think will have the most “bang for the buck”. Although user conflicts are rare, our location has seen significant growth in the last few years and it’s projected to continue. We currently only have a few very busy trails that access the Horsetooth Reservoir from the city of Fort Collins. I would like to help the club focus on getting a new trail approved by land managers and built around the south side of the reservoir. I believe this will alleviate some congestion on our main bottleneck trail, Maxwell, therefore minimizing trail user conflicts. This trail will allow access to the Blue Sky trailhead, ideally via singletrack, from Spring Canyon Park. I would also like to focus the club’s efforts on assisting with the bike path to Loveland. Wouldn’t it be cool to ride from CSU, to Loveland via Blue Sky and Devils Backbone and back on as much singletrack as possible, and without riding on a single street with cars?

Short Term: I would also like to express how I can help the club on a weekly/monthly basis. I have 10 years of public accounting experience, which if leveraged properly, can be utilized for bookkeeping, project expense management, and project forecasting. 

If you agree that my focus areas need attention, and would like someone on the board to fight for new trails, I would love your vote.        Happy riding!  -Robbie Jackson

Candidate 2: Marie Walsh and Tyson Kaman  


Tyson:  Wait?  Uh.  What are we running for?

Marie:  We’re running for one of the seven positions on the Overland Mountain Bike Club Board of Directors.

Tyson:  Uh…. I am not that good at math but I am pretty sure you said ONE of the seven positions, and aren’t we two people?

Marie: Yes we are two people, but if we run together for one position we can bring both of our talents to the table without creating any conflict with voting, and share the responsibilities.

Tyson: Uh, OK, I think I understand that, but why should we run?

Marie:  Well, because we’d be great at it.  We are both avid cyclists who spend a lot of time on our local trails as well as riding a large variety of trails in many different states and countries.  We both have experience racing locally, nationally and internationally with pretty good results at the amateur level.  We even have experience in bikepacking and now tikepacking with our baby.  And as a bike mechanic you have made a career out of helping others have good experiences with their bikes.

Tyson:  How would that make us good board members?

Marie:  Well, because of our varied experiences, we have grown to understand what people want from their trail systems and how they would like to see the trails expanded to meet those needs.

Tyson:  Oh yeah.  I guess we really would be good at that.

Marie:  Yeah.  We have even more to offer.  Remember those years you spent teaching college and middle school groups how to ride mountain bikes?  And we both have trailbuilding experience as well.  You created that super fun collegiate race course at UMASS.  And I have over 10 years of experience working with IMBA and other mountain bike groups in MA, VT and MO (trailbuilding, volunteering and fundraising).

Tyson:  Yeah.  You’re right.  We’d be great Board Members.  All you Overland MTB Club members better all vote for us.  And, if you are not a member, you better become one so you can vote for us! 

Candidate 3: Georgia Gould

 I would like to run for a position on the Overland board because I care deeply about mountain biking in our community. Overland has been a leader in mountain bike advocacy, and I would love the opportunity to lend my voice and insight to help the club further its mission. Mountain biking is one of the many things that makes Fort Collins a great place to live. As our community continues to grow, I believe that we have an opportunity to introduce more people to mountain biking and increase access and opportunities for mountain bikers.