Board Candidate Statements

Below, you will find the statements from those interested in running for the upcoming open positions on the Overland Mountain Bike Club Board of Directors.  There will be one open position on the board, those currently held by Georgia Gould.  The open positions will serve from March 26, 2018 to October 31, 2019.  The election will close on March 22, 2018.

Candidate 1:  Martin (Marty) Peckins

I would like to thank you for this opportunity to tell you why I am capable of running for and serving on the board of directors of the Overland Mountain Bike Club.
I have been mountain biking for 36 years. I purchased my first mountain bike, a Specialized Stumpjumper Sport in 1982.
My wife Nancy Thomas and I are still very active mountain and road bicyclists. We are retired and enjoy riding almost every day and are familiar with most of the dirt and paved trails and paths of Fort Collins and surrounding Larimer County.
We moved here a couple of years ago from Marin County, one of the birthplaces of mountain biking in Northern California.
I was active on many Board of Directors: Bicycle Trails Council of Marin, 1996-2004; founding board member of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, 1998-2002; Lanham Village Homeowners Association, 2008-2010; City of San Rafael Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee founding member 1999-2001, and am currently the Chairman of the Architectural Review Board for the Landing’s Community Association here in Fort Collins.
I spent many years volunteering by maintaining and building trails in the San Francisco Bay Area for numerous land agencies and municipalities. I also volunteered for Trips for Kids and was a certified ride leader for the Novato and San Marin High Schools in the NorCal High School Mountain Bike league.
I moved here from an area that has experienced user conflicts between bikers, hikers, and equestrians over the last 20 years. The conflicts are mostly generated from the fact that the trails can no longer support the population density of the Bay Area. I feel that the Northern Colorado front range could eventually experience similar issues that I have first hand experience with.
I would like to see a closer working relationship between the several land agencies that surround and include Fort Collins. This would make trail expansion opportunities more likely some day.
One project that I would like to pursuit would be to help design and build an easily rideable multiuser trail that climbed up to Centennial Drive for access to the recreation around and beyond Horsetooth Reservoir.
I know that I will be an asset to the current board of directors, please vote for me so that I can prove my worthiness.
Martin (Marty) Peckins

Candidate 2:  Bob Choate

 Hello all you wonderful and beautiful Overlanders!

I am Bob, and I ride bikes. I am passionate about the benefits that bikes have on individuals and communities. After spending 10 years in the bike biz, I moved to FoCo about 10 years ago, and now I live in Stout, the neighborhood on the south side of the reservoir (pop. 47 1/2, if you notice the sign on the way around). My wife and I moved to be closer to the things we love most: she to the reservoir, where she rows and served on the board of the Fort Collins Row Club: and I’m closer to the trails. Now I work in local government and public policy, and I know all the in’s and out’s of getting things done. Let’s encourage more open space, and develop it for its intended use in a quick yet responsible manner. Let’s partner with local governments and other advocacy groups on projects, like trail-building (master plans and all), public outreach events, and fundraising. Let’s go ride together and have a beer afterwards.

I don’t ride as much as I used to, or as much as I’d like to, but I still very much give a damn. So please give me your vote for the Board. Let’s get to work!

Bob Choate

Candidate 3:  Adam Miller

My name is Adam Miller and I would like to run for a position on the Overland board. Here’s why:

  1. Mountain biking is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!!! (Also, my kids).  
  2. I have lived in Northern Colorado for 16 years. I’ve ridden so many of the trails you guys fight so hard to protect – I want to protect them too!

Here is what I could bring to the table that might be helpful:

  1. I have spent the last 17 years working for five nonprofits, each with its own board of directors. I spend a lot of time in board meetings listening to people with really different personalities, dreams, visions, and agendas discuss how to get things done.  Anyway, I have some experience.
  2. I  am cofounder and (dis) organizer of the Four Seasons of Horsetooth, a mountain bike challenge which occurs four times a year, at the change of each season. It’s free and fun and informal,  but it’s turned in to a real community of nice people who care deeply about mountain biking in Colorado. 
  3. I actually like to read the fine print and sweat the small stuff. I am a detail-oriented guy who is happy to let others take the lead.  

Anyway, that’s me. I would like the vote of Overland members because I believe in what you do and want to help you do it too. 

Thank you for your consideration!  

Adam Miller (sometimes known as Beet Juice).