Board Candidate Statements

Below, you will find the statements from those interested in running for the upcoming open positions on the Overland Mountain Bike Club Board of Directors.  There are two board positions that will be filled per this election. Board members serve two-year terms.  The members running for those two positions are Aaron Buckley and Cosmo Catalano.  Continuing board members serving until October 31, 2020 are Kent Leier, Hannah Whittmeyer, Bob Choate and Tina Lamers.  Per the OMBA By-laws, one additional board member will be appointed by the board following the election.  Voting invitations will be emailed to members on October 18, 2019 and the election will run through Noon on November 1, 2019.

Candidate 1: Aaron Buckley

My name is Aaron Buckley and I want to make Fort Collins and northern Colorado the best place for bicycling in the United States. I have been riding, racing, and working with mountain bikes for 15 years and would love to bring my passion for getting people on bicycles to the Overland Mountain Bike Association board.

I work as an Active Transportation Professional at Colorado State University where I help employees use bicycles to travel to and from work every day. I have a background in long range transportation planning and an M.S. from the University of Idaho in regional planning. I currently sit on the Fort Collins Bike Co-op board, Bike Fort Collins board, and I am the Chair of the City of Fort Collins’ Bicycle Advisory Committee. I believe a board position with Overland will allow me to help connect bicycling initiatives across a broad spectrum of groups.

During my first four years of living in Fort Collins I did not own a personal automobile by choice. This experience opened my eyes to our need for increased trail connections to our communities. Being able to pedal from home without touching a car is a resource we need to improve in our region. Increasing trail access improves the equity of our sport to individuals who are interested in participating but have barriers due to the cost of transportation and proximity of our existing trails.

In my work I am always eager to meet with individuals to learn more about their experiences with bicycles and see how I can help facilitate their personal growth to pedal more frequently. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to working with you on making northern Colorado the best place in the country to ride a bicycle. 


Aaron Buckley

Candidate 2: Cosmo Catalano

My name is Cosmo Catalano and I’d like to join the Overland Mountain Bike Association Board of Directors to help deliver the best possible future for local trails and mountain bike trail access. I love the riding in the Fort Collins area—in the five years since I’ve moved here, it’s transformed me from a roadie occasionally cruising buff singletrack to a seeker of steep descents, bony climbs, and rock crawling puzzles.

As an active citizen participant in the 2019 Foothills Natural Areas Management Plan Update, it’s clear to me that Fort Collins Natural Areas staff will continue to be dogged in pursuing the path of least resistance—and left to their own devices, that path would be eight feet wide and covered in crushed gravel. Fortunately, I think Overland’s active and engaged membership is well positioned to apply the sort of resistance that makes sure our trail networks stay well-built and continue to grow. And I think I am well positioned to help Overland in that process.

For example, while we all instinctively knew that the 8am-3:30pm window chosen for the Maxwell Natural Area intercept study was nonsense, as a web developer, I was able to gather information from Strava and present hard data that 67% of mountain bike rides up the Foothills Trail through Maxwell Natural Area during the course of the study happened after 3:30pm—and thus had no chance of ever being recorded.

In a decade or so of running Cyclocosm, a blog on professional cycling, I’ve amassed a Twitter following of over 12,000, and have substantial experience participating in public discussion on social media. I would be excited to put this experience to work for Overland, whether its gathering and responding to public feedback, or strategically driving followers toward a concerted action—like locating and contacting their City Council member about Natural Areas management.

My volunteer days have highlighted that the most important feature of a trail is its ability to protect the natural resource we’re lucky enough to enjoy. To me, taking on a role with Overland’s Board of Directors is just the next logical step in that process.



Candidate 3: